Products for window and door flashing applications.

There are numerous window and door flashing products offered by the fenestration industry. These range from rubberized asphalt, butyl laminated to films, hybrid tapes, and liquid flashing.

Old Town Glass utilizes a range of flashing products in our daily installs. We focus on commercial and residential window and door installations to provide air and water tight integration with building envelopes.

Our SIGA product line from is unique. It provides an integrated system for window and door installation and building envelope sealing.

SIGA Products California

More About SIGA

SIGA’s vision is to “Strive for a world of zero energy loss buildings”. Reducing energy loss from the building envelope requires a solid window and door installation plan.

Utilizing Wigluv, Fentrim, and Rissan to integrate a window or door into the building envelope provides solid benefits. Each of these products plays a key role in a project’s fenestration installation plan. When Wigluv, Fentrim, and Rissan are coupled with other products in the SIGA family complete building envelope air and water tightness can be achieved.

Which product do I use for the job?

We also offer technical assistance and work with SIGA Application Specialist for unique construction applications including modular homes, factory built home components, and  steel framing.


Wigluv is available in two types, Wigluv and Wigluv Black. Wigluv Black is UV stable and can be used in locations where visible façade membranes will be visible. The product is offered in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range install.

Wigluv 20/40mm is a diffusible, single-sided and strongly adhesive tape is especially suitable for connection to window and door frames where wind-tight layers are to be connected.


Fentrim IS 20 is a pre-folded, robust adhesive tape is especially suitable for sealing interior structural joints in structures where connections are required to window and door frames.

Fentrim 230 grey and Fentrim 430 grey are used in exterior applications to provide integration of windows and doors to exterior connections.


Rissan 100 & 150 are single-sided and strongly adhesive, supple tape especially suitable for connection to walls and ceilings involving indoor airtight layers.